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Letter to SMC Board of Supervisors from Michael Zerbe of El Granada

Discussion in 'The Other Side Of The Hill' started by Michael Stogner, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    October 26, 2005 Hand Delivered and stamped received by Clerk of Board of Supervisors

    Members of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
    400 County Center
    Redwood City, Ca 94063

    Dear Members of the Board;

    I write to you today because I feel very strongly that a great injustice has been done in your county. The facts about this injustice are so reprehensible that I am certain it is very difficult for you to believe. I suspect that is why, even though Michael Stogner has brought this issue to your attention on several occasions, you have yet to take action. I cannot fathom that you have simply chosen to do nothing when faced with the facts given that you were elected to serve the people of the county of San Mateo.

    The injustice I refer to is the case brought against Eddie Rapozza lll. As an eyewitness to the accident involving Eddie and his family, and the first person on the accident scene I can tell you without a doubt that an independent investigation of the case is of the most utmost importance.

    I personally witnessed evidence that was retrieved by the investigators and is in the possession of the office of the District Attorney of San Mateo County which was never entered into evidence during the trial. When I pulled Mr. Repoza from the water just after the accident, his foot was entangled in the strap of a cooler made of nylon material. I removed this from Mr. Rapoza's foot. The cooler was retrieved from the scene by investigators and is in the possession of the District Attorney. I testified to these facts in court on March 3, 2005 prior to Mr. Raposa's jury trial.

    During his trial, Mr. Raposa kept making the statement that the reason he had speed off the cliff was that his foot was stuck. Given that his foot was entangled in the strap of this cooler it would be imperative that his defense attorney enter this item into evidence. His defense attorney never even mentioned the cooler. To make the entire case more suspect, Mr Raposa's defense attorney chose not to call me, an eye witness to the accident, the first person on the scene, and the person who pulled Eddie from the water, and removed the cooler from this foot. I am the only person who could have testified to these facts yet Mr. Boyarski, the attorney appointed to Mr. Raposa, did not feel that it was important to inform the jury of any of this information.

    The actions of the investigators, District Attorney and Mr. Boyarski are so questionable that failing to call for an outside investigation of this case would be nothing short of negligent.

    For one minute, consider, just consider, the possibility that Mr. Rapoza is innocent. His entire family is dead due to a horrible accident, he himself suffered terrible injuries in the accident, and then he was charged and convicted of intentionally murdering his loved ones without adequate defense representation. What if Eddie is innocent and you, with a simple request for an outside investigation, have the power to right this injustice but you fail to do so. Could you honestly live with being wrong? Could you explain to your children why you did nothing? Could you explain to God?

    In my opinion, the cost the the community if no one calls for an investigation into this, and the many other highly suspicious cases in San Mateo County, is just to great for you to choose not to act immediately. Therefore, I strongly request that you take action immediately to bring in the FBI to review the actions of the judicial system in San Mateo County before one more innocent person becomes victim of this system out of control.

    Yours very truly

    Mr. Michael Zerbe

    I had the privilege of being with Michale Zerbe when he personally delivered this letter to the Supervisors.
  2. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    Single Point Data Base
    If the residents of San Mateo County could have access to all the communications to our elected officials, we could see what they were warned about and when and what actions if any that that took to make sure this got fixed.

    Like this letter above we could ask Adreinne Tissier what did she do after receiving this letter from Michael Zerbe?

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